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A safe pair of hands

KR Trauma Support specialises in providing services for the management of psychological trauma to organisations and their staff on a global basis. When a traumatic incident happens, it can be devastating for all those involved. The impact can hit you psychologically and financially and disrupt the smooth running of your organisation.

Our aim is to ensure that, when traumatic incidents strike, you have access to the information, support and resources that will help you to recover quickly and effectively. Trauma has become one of those over-used phrases applied to every day distressing situations yet true trauma is devastating. It is difficult to provide an exhaustive list of events that may be traumatic to an individual but the American Psychiatric Association defines a traumatic event as one which involves exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violence.  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) V American Psychiatric Association 2013

People may be affected directly or as witnesses or because their occupation leads to repeated and extreme exposure for instance emergency services workers. In the workplace, potentially traumatic events can include

  • Sudden death or suicide
  • Serious assault or injury
  • Accidents and near-misses
  • Robberies
  • Threatening encounters with customers
Your leadership, your organisational skills and your good judgement ensured that the team met its objectives. I congratulate you on the planning and preparation that made it possible.
Force Personnel Director, Police Service

The KRTS Power to Recover® process

This is when you need a safe pair of hands, empowering staff, removing confusion and replacing chaos with order.

A managed triage and Quality Controlled support process for the psychological support of individuals following a Critical Incident

Strategic Management

A comprehensive assessment of risk and tailored solutions facilitates the strategic management of workplace trauma. Being prepared restores order and control to chaotic situations.


Training and preparation for employees, training that empowers managers and supports staff in the crucial first days post-incident. This gives everyone involved a sense of direction and empowerment when it is otherwise more common to feel helpless

Power to Recover®

The Power to Recover® early intervention, clinically effective programme provides a 7 step system that takes people that have experienced a traumatic event from feeling overwhelmed, out of control and helpless to being empowered, informed and active in their recovery. For the majority of people this will mean a faster return to function

“A very useful source of guidance and information for the Depot team … I cannot recommend highly enough. The highest standards of professionalism, integrity and honesty… an asset to my operation.”Operations Manager, First Manchester Ltd

KR Power to Recover Specialist trauma management

The management of traumatic stress is a specialised area and KR Trauma Support is a specialist trauma management service with extensive experience in crisis and trauma response. If you want peace of mind and to better protect your business and employees from the impact of traumatic incidents – we are here to help with expert advice.